This track was featured on the 2013 Woolf Music compilation, available for download over at woolfmusic.bandcamp.com/album/woolf-music-compilation


A reworking of the Davy Graham version of this traditional song, from his 1964 LP 'Folk, Blues and Beyond'


released July 17, 2013

Seven gypsies stood in a row
And they sang so sweetly through the air
They sang so sweet, so very sweet
They stole the heart of a lady fair

She stood in her castle high
Smiling on those gypsies-o
A jealous thought came into her mind
She would follow the dark-eyed gypsies-o

Her young lord came home that night
enquiring for his lady-o
"I'm afraid, I'm afraid," said the old kitchen maid
"She's gone with the dark-eyed gypsies-o"

He rode east and he rode west
'Til he came to a farmer's door
"Farmer, farmer tell me the truth
Have you seen the dark-eyed gypsies-o?"

"Ride on, ride on," the farmer cried
"Down in yonder valley-o
There you'll find your own true bride
In the arms of a dark-eyed gypsy-o"

"Will you forsake your house and land
will you give up your little son
will you lie on the cold cool ground
In the arms of a dark eyed gypsy-o"

"I'll give up, my lord," she said, "I'll forsake my little son
I'll eat off the grass and drink of the dew
And lie with the dark eyed gypsy-o"



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Nick Jonah Davis Nottingham, UK

Nick Jonah Davis is a solo instrumental guitarist from Nottingham, England. He has released four albums – Split Electric with C Joynes on Thread Recordings (2016), House of Dragons on Lancashire and Somerset (2015), Of Time and Tides on the seminal American label Tompkins Square (2011) and Guitar Recordings Vol. 1. ... more

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